7 reasons, why nature is the right place for your relaxation

It is healthy, beneficial and great for relaxation. It’s the same about stay in nature. Why is it that important to spend your free time also outside? We are introducing you few really great reasons.

  1. Stay in nature is decreasing the stress hormone

Did you know that time spend outside connected with some activities such as gardening, is helping to fight stress than other free time activities? Scientists from Netherlands and their study showed, that it could be actually true. The research was done on 2 sample groups of people, whereof one group had to read a book after a stressful activity and group two had to go for 30 minutes to the garden. Gardeners group have confirmed, that they were in better state of mind as the readers group at home. On top of it, gardeners had lower level of stress hormone, cortisol measured than the readers. So, it is time to go on a day trip! Would you agree?

  1. Oxygen is affecting our mood

About ‘good-mood’ hormone, called serotonin, we find many information, studies and articles. All of them are mentioning the importance of this hormone in our human bodies. It has effect on our health, appetite, memory, social or other behaviour. It isn’t beneficial to have too much or too less of that hormone, as the body can get into imbalance in both cases. Breathing on the fresh air in nature is helping to regulate the level of serotonin and is helping to be happy and balanced. Let’s get into nature in order to get a great mood! Shall we?

  1. Pump-up the endorphins through physical activity

How else than in nature! Exercise and nature goes hand in hand. The time spent outside is priceless. Hiking, cycling or water activities. These activities are very beneficial for spending time in nature, on the fresh air and in best case, accompanied by great people. These activities are creating endorphins and so helping to feel the happiness. Also, Local Vibe thinks about your health and balance and therefore we have created a trip around Svätý Jur. To get a new energy, full relax and to be surrounded by beautiful nature. What more could you ask for? Perhaps a great guide and superb atmosphere. If you don’t want to miss out on these great activities, come and join us. Trip offer here.

  1. Nature will help you to reenergise and regenerate your mind

Centring your mind, you’ll get relax of entire body. The best is to go into nature. It is important to spend time with yourself on your own without our technical gadgets, at least for a moment. Nature is natural environment for us where we can release stress and to soak up the appropriate energy what we need to get into balance. And nature is that perfect balance.

  1. A quality sleep thanks to sufficient light

The right amount of melatonin, a hormone what is regulating our bodies’ inner clock is ensuring a good, quality sleep. It triggers sleepiness and thus our bodies are getting ready for a sleep. This hormone is produced by our epiphyses (part of our brain) and is dependent from light. Bottom line, enough sun during day is creating a good quality sleep during night.

  1. Vitamin D is a must

This ‘miracle’ is helping to maximise absorption of calcium and thus it is helping to decrease risk of cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and other diseases. Vitamin D is supporting bone and teeth structure as well as it is helping to get in a better mood and a good vibe. The longer you spend time outside on the sun, the bigger benefit of the vitamin D you will get. So, what about to go out and to enjoy the beauty what Mother nature is offering us?

  1. Stay in nature means a break

Electronical devices and other gadgets can cause stress factor as well. Continuous information inputs can be overwhelming for your mind. A short break from electronic communication will be very beneficial for you. In the nature, time will slow down and you can relax to the maximum. Don’t forget, a good rest is honey for your health and your mind.

Time spent in nature can help you, your body as well your overall feel. Get your good mood with us and join us for a day trip to the surrounding of Svätý Jur (near Bratislava). For more details of this trip, please click here. Let’s have a look on beautiful places together, those places who will pleasure your eye and will caress your soul.