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How to pack in 5 minutes for short holidays

Are you going on a long weekend, you already late from work and don’t know where your head’s out and you have no idea what to pack? In this case this blog is just made for you.

Last 5 years, I’ve spent constantly travelling for business, mainly in Europe. Sometimes 2 days and then I spent 1 day at home. Then 4 days and returning home for few days and only to go off again for 3 days and so on. And this working lifestyle taught me among other things, how to pack effectively in few minutes.

It’s true, I need only 5-7 minutes and I’m ready to go. And it doesn’t matter how long for and the weather is at the destination. There is a technique and here are some of my rules:

  • When packing I create all possible daily combinations of cloths
  • I only take things, I feel comfortable in and are easy combine with an pleasing color scheme
  • Think layering– helps when it cools down or warms up
  • Keep it simple, take only what you really 😊

Let’s pack!

I use 3 kinds of luggage – a weekend bag (2-3 nights), a small suitcase for 4-5 days, that fits as a hand luggage and bigger suitcase for 7 and more days (yes, it has managed to carry also for 20 days). All are ultra-light … but let’s get back to actual packing for a long weekend, such as „Detox on Horehronie“ (3 nights) https://localvibe.sk/en/zajazd/magic-of-horehronie-slovakia/

A list of things for a ‘longer weekend’:

To take withNotes
4 nickers or underpantsPack 1 extra, you never know
2 pair of socks
2 pair of footwear1 usual shoes, in what you’ll be traveling
1 outdoor shoes
(always carry at least 2 pairs of footwear, because it might something happen and you need then a replacement)
1 swimwearYou never know if you will get a chance to swim in pool, spa or lake
4 tops2 neutral colour that goes with everything
1 colourful/patterned that goes with colour scheme
1 spare one, also a neutral colour but bit longer, that is easily combined with leggings
1 vestThat you can use as underlayer in case of cold weather
1 jumper or cardiganIn case the day gets colder and you need another layer to keep you warm
2 pair of trousers1 for travel and
1 for outdoor activity
1 pair of leggingsOn their own or as a combination when you need an extra layer
1 pyjama
1 jacketAccording the current season (my favourite brand UNIQLO, I’ve got a foldable, light down (you can carry it in a backpack or bag)
1 light weight waterproof jacket or rain coateasily packable
1 small umbrellaI carry it always with me either in backpack or bag
1 backpackFor day trips (the best a simple, foldable one where you can put all your personal belongings, water, snack or camera, raincoat, scarf or jacket)
1 light scarfAlways pack one for extreme weather and it can be used as a headcover when it windy or too sunny
1 pack of tissues
1 water bottleCarrying in backpack. I use a plastic hard bottle without phthalates (re-usable)

Toilet bag – I carry besides tooth brush and toothpaste, all in my toilet bag (meaning this one isfor ready to go and not the everyday one):

To take withNotes
1 tooth brush and tooth paste
1 face cream
1 mascaraFor women
1 foundationFor women
1 blusher and brushFor women
1 eye linerOr khayal, for women
1 hair brush or comb
1 nail fileEspecially in nature you might face a broken nail
1 lipstick
4 cleaning padsFor make-up remover
make-up remover
small shampoo and conditionerI recommend to buy mini pack of spare bottles from DM drugstore and to fill it up with your favourite brand
1 hair band
antiperspirantSmall tip, in case you forget to bring it, few drops of lemon juice under your armpits will create great natural antiperspirant
Pads or tamponsAccording needs, for women
Basic medication against head ache
Wine corkscrewJust not to be surprised 😉

What I’m not taking with:
Things like books, magazines, a variety of eye shadow or body lotion, or other fashion combinations that you don’t usually use. If you don’t use them every day, you probably will not use them anyway. If you going for a weekend with other people, you won’t have time to read books or spend long time in front of the mirror.  When it comes to fashion, remember Mother Earth loves you as you are 😉

Things like a towel, hair dryer, shower gel, soap, personally I leave behind as they are usually provided at destination. Personal items like wallet, sunglasses, sunglasses, documents, notepad, pen, keys are packed in my personal bag, that I keep with me all the time.

I hope, this takes stress out of packing and I would love to hear from you, if my tips were of any help saved some time 😉

Wishing you great adventurous travel!