How to save extra budget for travels and why is it beneficial for us to travel?

Travel is nowadays very popular activity. Do you know why is it beneficial to travel? What is travel giving you? How to save extra money for travel? For all these questions, we had a closer look and found some interesting facts.

That feeling, when you are looking out of the window of your car or train and you have time to sink in and to think about yourself, things around, is priceless. You can get to know new people and listen to their stories. Travel is giving you a feel of freedom, liberty and feel, you’ve discovered something new and you can connect with others. Something, what you won’t forget that quickly. When exploring new places, you are discovering your new You. More courageous, cheerful and relaxed You. What else is an advantage of travelling?


Getting to know new people

New people, new communication and interaction, loads of new opportunities to discover stunning stories of others and adventures. On travels you, can meet friends for life.


If you are a food lover and you are enjoying it, so travel will be for you even more important activity. Different countries and different places are offering various specialities and treats, especially the ones from locals and you we are sure, you don’t want to miss out on them.

Courage will be your Strength

While on your travels, you can experience and try out on such activities, that could have frightened you. However, on new places, you have the opportunity to discover your new You and push your own boundaries and to even enjoy it. Just be aware of the Now (moment). In new environment, you have a chance to strengthen your courage and to go for adventures, what you usually wouldn’t dare at home. And that is great!

Energy boost

Trips and tours, especially those in beautiful nature, will make sure, you will relax, detox and recharge with new energy. Just couple of days is enough to forget about every day issues and hectic life style back at home. Isn’t it just great that we need just few days to recover?

Real experience

You might watch documentaries at the TV or just searching for pictures or videos but you can’t experience that feel completely. If you aren’t able to see it through your own eyes and to make that experience on your own, there is no substitute for such a feel. Once you experience it, it will be your own view, your own experience and your own adventure and it will enhance our views, it will teach us more acceptance for new cultures, nationalities and differencies. Have you seen our unusual adventure tours?

And finally, how to travel in a way, that we won’t ‘blast our budget?

For traveling, you don’t need to be wealthy but you need to know ways, how to save extra money. Following tips might help you, how to spend less and thus to save some amount.

  1. Be a financially responsible person

It won’t be easy but saving for travels is taking a while. It’s up to you and your choices, in what you want or don’t want to invest your money. Once you responsibly divide your available budget for things what you really need and what you can give up on, you might end up with a quite rich budget to use for your travels.

  1. Track your own expenses

If you don’t watch your finances, you have no idea how much on expenses and income you have. Tracking your own expenses is an important part of your financial awareness. If you do so, we need to be consistent on long term and to check them on regular basis. So, this will give you a good overview of how much you will spend on weekly basis on food and how much on fun and on guilty pleasures. Write it down in your dedicated notebook and you will know exactly, how much you can afford.

  1. Budget

When wanting to save extra money for travel, it’s good to have two budgets – budget of your upcoming travel and budget of your everyday life. It’s good to do a pre-calculation, how much it you’ll need for your particular trip. So, once you have a rough plan, you can calculate, how much money you’ll need on one day. Today, we are already able to organise accommodation and flight for a great, low budgeted price, so you can do your estimates quite accurate.

So how does it look in reality? Let’s use following example. Overall price of your upcoming trip for 5 days will be 200 EUR, so you can calculate, how much of your monthly salary and for how long, you need to put aside.

  1. Lower your unnecessary costs

Take a pen and paper and draw a vertical line in the middle. On left hand side, write all your NEEDS and on right hand side, write your WISHES/PLEASURES. Once you have it done, put your budget on each point on your PLEASURE column. Once, you summed it up, this budget you might use for saving for your upcoming trip.

  1. Other ideas
  • Cooking your own food home instead of going out for meals will help you to save some budget.
  • Check out on drug stores and supermarkets, where you can purchase good quality products for lower prices. Various shopping malls or stores might have very different prices on the same goods. You might realise a difference in your budget after certain time.
  • Do not go for a newest version of a smart phone or for five different shades of lipstick in last season.
  • You might find some helpful Apps to support your saving.


Travel can be your passion and it can bring lot of enjoyment and positive vibe to your life. And mentioned ideas, how to find extra budget among your expenses could inspire you, how to start with it. It is entirely up to you as you know your finances the best. And do not forget, you can travel and explore with us. Have a look on our unusual adventure tours.