To show the unseen, to reveal the undiscovered, and to get to know the unknown.


Travel differently ... to see the country through the eyes of local people, to feel it, to look into their everyday life and to develop a greater understanding for the country. To “get lost” outside of the usual tourist trails/paths. Experience the essence of the place with all your senses.
Offer unusual weekend experiences and short holidays in Slovakia and other European destinations.
Discover other, not so well-known places with you. We believe that discovering such ``unrecognized`` places is an experience not only for us but especially for you. Simply, we travel differently.


Setting up a travel company that will allow people to truly experience a holiday and to return feeling truly rested and “detoxified”. The biggest success for us will be when our clients forget to check their emails during their holiday. It will be our success, when a client has time to determine, what fulfils them in life, helping them to discover new hobbies, pursuing their curiosity, and understanding the people they meet.


We cooperate with regional partners who are proud of their region, they care about quality and want to present different ways of life in an authentic way, through their eyes.
Accommodation is provided in smaller hotels and ‘Bed & Breakfast’ facilities. We are building long-term sustainable tourism and regional development. All activities we offer are in accordance with nature and animal welfare and have been created on the basis of respectful cooperation with local people.

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