Great girl’s weekend
Great girl’s weekend The trip to Burgenland in Austria was full of exotic, adventure, culinary and wine experiences. The connection of safari, people and wine cellars is unique. The accommodation in the atmospheric guesthouse with a charismatic owner and a guide in one person has only added to the the perfect atmosphere. Everything was done by the organizer, Renatka who fulfilled all our wishes and more. I strongly recommend for the family, the individual and especially as a girl's weekend Lenka B.
Helena Heinrichová Renata has a perfect sense and a great eye for authentic, hidden gems that breathe the true atmosphere. On a recent trip to the French wine region of Alsace she was taking care of the logistics, she suggested me to skip the known places and to visit rather the remote residential areas, vineyards and family wine cellars. I had to agree with her, that the true spirit of this beautiful region was far more reflected in the remote narrow aisles, carefully landscaped gardens, a few generations of well-tended wine cellars as well as pleasant wine taverns rather than the busy promenade full of souvenir shops ...
Silvia Turner
Silvia Turner Renata has been taking care of my accommodation and partially itinerary in South Wales. She found us a B&B with owner as a chef and horse trainer. As a part of the itinerary, she booked me on a horse ride along the adventurous terrain of the Brecon Beacons National Park. This feeling was just amazing, it was an unforgettable experience being with a horse in a wild nature. It was quite challenging while we were riding the horse down the hill … besides the muscle ache, I’ve decided to take some more horse riding lessons at home. Thanks to Renata for well-chosen program for me.
Jeff Ferjenčík a Lenka Břeská
Jeff Ferjenčík a Lenka Břeská Getting to know Tuscany with Renata was a pleasure and great experience in many ways. Gorgeous accommodation in a stylish romantic villa on a hill. Unbelievable culinary experience when tasting local specialties, cheeses, wines and oils. An unexpected meeting with a local Italian-Japanese wine producer from Italy, who also supplies wine to Czech Republic too. And it was planned all in comfortable, light and humorous way. We're looking forward to another trip!